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Becoming a Community Fundraiser

By: Lynne Conner - Updated: 13 Dec 2023 | comments*Discuss
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One of the biggest issues facing community and voluntary groups is funding.

Put your skills and enthusiasm to good use and volunteer as a community fundraiser.

This can range from taking part in a sponsored event to planning and organising a fundraising occasion or seeking out and applying for grants.

Your help can help to sustain local projects, introduce you to new friends and give you valuable life skills and experience which could lead to a career in fundraising, planning or the third sector.

Who Can Become a Community Fundraiser?

Although a background in fundraising can help it is more important to have enthusiasm and a positive outlook. An ability to motivate people and to generate good ideas is desirable as is the capacity to network and follow up leads. Numeracy and literacy will be necessary for applying for grants.

What is Involved?

There are endless ways of raising funds. You may already be involved in a local group and have volunteered for the role or a local group may have advertised for a fundraiser. If you don’t want to take on the responsibility of overall fundraising you could volunteer for a specific task. This could be raising funds through a one-off event such as a sponsored walk, swim or parachute jump.

If you are in overall charge of fundraising you may receive training and attend courses in grant writing, sponsorship, taxation and event organisation. Canvas local opinion for ideas and suggestions, it is important to have public support. Motivate fellow fundraisers and volunteers to get involved in achieving your goals.

When planning a fundraising event set up a committee with other volunteers. Identify the key tasks such a organising a venue and publicity and allocate roles. Budget for any costs and talk to local businesses and suppliers to see if they can supply anything for free. Enlist support from local celebrities or businesses and see whether they are prepared to provide sponsorship or financial support.

Popular fundraising events include organising a collecting day in your neighbourhood, organising a charity sale or coffee morning and selling Christmas cards or other items for your chosen charity. You could put on a concert to raise funds, hold a fashion show or organise a pub quiz night.

Arrange a dress-down or fancy dress day at work with people making donations to your charity or organise a sponsored silence or sponsored haircut. Other possible events include charity sports matches and prize raffles. Work with a volunteer PR person to get coverage for your initiative on the local press and radio.

Other ways in which fundraisers work include developing relationships with local authorities and other potential funders and exploring National Lottery and other potential funding from national bodies. Once you have identified potential funders you will craft fundraising letters and fill out grant application forms as professionally as possible. You can also explore partnerships and resource-sharing with peer organisations. Approach local employers to ask them to consider workplace giving in support of your organisation.

Volunteering as a fundraiser can be challenging and requires persistence but it is a key role in supporting the work of your chosen community group or local cause.

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I was happy to find your website. I would like to say that i am looking to continue helping households financially struggling by either collecting donations or if donation can be given as a loan to do this.The loan that can be returned in a few weeks etc or it can be put back into the pot to lend once paid back. This is different to getting a loan to fund everything. I read through some of your suggestions to raise money and other really good information. On my continued search for grants and loans, I came across a website that lends money, just to mention, the minimum to borrow is £100k. I think this may be helpful to anyone searching through your advice pages. It is same kind of thing for many looking for financial assistance, what i am doing for one: Preventing Homelessness and Providing Financial Help. I, too, can save in pot and lend, so i was really happy to find such help and straight away find your website too. I had been searching for weeks. I was stuck between, should i get an investor because money will return from previous lending prior (and so i put a plan together) or should i apply for grants as i have previously done voluntary and community work? With it being winter and not receiving anything that fast, donations and lending, continued so far. It may be useful to anyone that i did look into business and community aswell as business donors search online. It wasn't until then that i found a charity loan and save bank and also your website. Both equally useful for me. I remain in the same dilemma but more educated, so thank you. whilst waiting to receive a donation on paypal's raise money page, i continue to work through learning and helping any way possible, so far. If you could advise me which is the better path ahead please, it will be really helpful.
EsKay - 13-Dec-23 @ 1:43 AM
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